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When I started thinking about putting together a website about Scrum or Agile I realised that I was usually passing comment on some new thought process or model that had usually been debated at length. I quickly realised I did not want to repeat these excellent websites, although I still value them immensely.

So I needed to find my niche, - and it was all thanks to a Geoff Watt's 1-2-1 coaching session that he helped me find that I was comfortable with being a 'Technical' Scrum Master. The trap I had fallen in to was casting my net too wide, and not focusing on what I really enjoy doing. 

Most of my career in Scrum, which is 10 years plus, I have fought manifestations of Water-Scrum-Fall - and although my feelings about this 'approach' has changed over time, - the thing I find is most enjoyable to work on is the  'Fall' - which, to me, involves promoting Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery \ Deployment.

Constantly, as Scrum Masters we are told to promote a Growth Mindset in the Team, and to champion a broad skill base. I completely agree with this, but when a team asks me how to push back on laborious release cycles, I have always found it a boon to be able to 'technically' talk through tooling. Indeed the Scrum Guide says nothing about the Scrum Master not being able to coach Tech !

I am hoping to grow this site with Tech content that Scrum Masters can understand. That is a key point, - it's not an attempt to download a load of technical information, but an attempt to help Scrum Masters understand the 'Fall' and constantly broaden our knowledge. 

Fundamentally, I believe we can all be Technical.

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